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NDIS Plan Management 101: A Beginner's Guide

Updated: May 23, 2023

Plan Management is a service offered to NDIS participants, which involves the management of their NDIS funding. A plan manager is chosen by the participant to help manage their funding, make payments to service providers, keep track of their budget, and provide support and guidance to the participant throughout the life of their NDIS plan.

Plan management is a free service for NDIS participants because it is funded by the NDIS. They pay for the costs associated with plan management, which means that the participants do not have to pay any out-of-pocket expenses for this service. Plan management is included as part of the overall funding that is allocated to a participants NDIS plan. The great news is that the cost of the service is additional to their budget, it is not deducted from the participant's budget.

Plan management is a valuable service for NDIS participants because it helps to simplify the process of managing their funding and ensures that they are able to access the supports and services they need. It also alleviates the administrative burden of managing their funding, freeing up more time and energy for participants to focus on achieving their goals and participating in their community.

Three benefits to plan management:

  1. Hassle-free management: Your plan manager handles the administrative tasks of managing the plan and provides a monthly report to easily track where participants are at with their budget.

  2. Increased flexibility: By using a plan manager NDIS participants have more flexibility in choosing their support providers. A plan manager can work with a wide range of providers, including those that are not registered with the NDIS, giving participants more choice and control over the supports they receive.

  3. Expert guidance: A plan manager can prove expert guidance and support to participants throughout their NDIS journey. We help participants understand their funding options, navigate the NDIS system and are part of the team to help participants make decisions around their supports and services. This helps participants achieve their goals and live a more fulfilling life.

Please contact us for further information or questions.

Did you know that using a Plan Manager eliminates the hassle of handling your NDIS administration?

Our goal at Fast Plan Management is to guarantee accurate and fast payment to your service providers (within 48 hours) while giving you convenient access to useful resources such as monthly reports and dashboard, which allows easy and effortless tracking of your expenditures and budgets. Plan Management is available to everyone, and the NDIS covers the costs so it is a free service to you. Your goals and aspirations are at the centre of your NDIS plan — and at the heart of our business.

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