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About Fast Plan Management NDIS Plan Management Australia

About Us

Fast Plan Management was established by Stephanie after becoming firmly acquainted with the world of NDIS planning.

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After years of living with a critical spinal injury herself, one of our directors has long been aware of the need to be surrounded by an effective support team when dealing with a long-term disability that impacts most areas of life. She has gained a profound insight into some of the complexities faced by participants when navigating and managing their plans.


On learning the important role that effective plan management plays in the lives of NDIS participants and discovering a valuable way in which she could assist in this process, her passion for improving the lives of people living with disability was visibly affirmed.


She soon decided to combine her personal experience with her years’ long bookkeeping and business ownership experience, and Fast Plan Management was born.

Caring and proactive support when you need it most

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The team at Fast Plan Management are dedicated to providing you with caring and proactive support to help you get the most out of your NDIS plan.


We understand that keeping on top of your plan, budgets and payments can be a difficult and time-consuming process. As your plan managers, we help remove this stress and burden, leaving you with precious time to focus on what’s important — reaching your goals, and creating and living your best life.

Our mission is to support our clients by providing a fast, personalised, caring and trustworthy service to enable flexibility, choice and control over their NDIS support plans.

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With our mission consistently at the forefront of our minds, we strive to maintain the highest level of service for our clients at all times. And through providing an exemplary level of service, our aim is to be firmly placed at the forefront of Plan Management Services within the NDIS industry.

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Support when you need it most

We know that managing your plan can be a difficult and time-consuming process. Through caring and proactive support, we make managing your plan easy, and help you get the most from your plan and budget.

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Experience and Under-standing

We’re owned by a family with people dealing with disabilities. We have a unique understanding of not only the complexities of the NDIS, but also the benefits it affords families, individuals and carers.

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Specialised Software

Our software was built with your needs in mind, by an IT expert with a wealth of experience in disability and aged-care support. You can view your NDIS plan status at any time, and we respond quickly to any changes or queries you may have.

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Transparency and Visibility

All of our processes are completely transparent. With us, you’ll have a complete visual snapshot of spent, proposed and remaining funds. Our data includes all commitments from your bookings and service agreements.

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Fast Payments

We know that you want prompt payments for your support providers.

 Living up to our name, we ensure that your invoices are paid FAST

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